Facing my (Polish) Critics

It’s always a touchy thing for an author to respond to criticism. Better left undone, really.

But when Polish Star Wars fans declared Origami Yoda to be “blasphemy” (and worse) I decided I wanted a chance to explain. And, I got it!

Here’s what happened:

When word of my book reached the Polish “Bastion” Star Wars fan site, fans posted quite a few comments — in Polish.
I used Google Translate to read them, which in some cases only gave me a vague idea of what they were saying.

Some people liked it:
“Hell yeah! Whole life waiting for something like this!”
“I buy, it should be cool.”
“interesting … may czytne;)” (Actually, I don’t know what that means.)

But some fans seemed to think I was about to ruin Star Wars:
“But this is sick. In the end will be talking before such “super” products that SW is stupid and that is the quintessence of commercialism.”
“But the sick.”

And there was something worse, which I won’t reprint here.

Click here to read the post and the comments via Google Translate.

It’s one thing to call the book “stupid” as a German site did. (I didn’t respond to that.) That’s the kind of criticism an author just has to deal with.
But Blasphemy? Against Star Wars? From me? NO WAY!
So, I wrote to the site editors and asked if I could have a chance to tell the fans that I’ve loved Star Wars since I was a kid and that the book is about kids who love Star Wars, too.

Luc Trykowski agreed to interview me. And he came up with some great questions and then translated my responses into Polish.

If you’d like to read the interview translated back into English by Google click here.
[Note: It is really confusing to read.]

Here’s an outtake from when it was in English the first time:

Do you aware of reaction of hardcore Star Wars fans? How do you feel, when you read all these comments in Internet?
It’s fine that some of your readers think my book is dumb. That’s okay. I wish I could get them to try it, but if they want to read something else… no problem!
But some of them thought I was disrespecting Star Wars and I just wanted a chance to tell them that I love Star Wars and my book is about kids who love Star Wars.
The book came out of my personal, 33-year fascination with the movies, books, action figures and everything else. I don’t take much seriously, but I take Star Wars seriously. And I take Yoda seriously.

Reaction to the interview seems to be pretty positive — from what I can tell from Google Translate’s version of it:

“A very decent guy. Buy the book if you are in PL.”

“The author really had to put in writing a book takes a lot of heart, since the comments of this exotic country for him as Poland. If only because we read the book, or at least maintain respect for his work, even if the idea too, there we liked.”

I guess that’s good. Anyway, they may still not like the book, but I think — despite the language barrier — I convinced them that my love of Star Wars is pure and true!


3 Responses

  1. If there’s a trial, I could be a witness for the defense (but there’s clearly no need: I think you did a GREAT job defending yourself here.) I’m glad they gave you the chance to talk about it.

  2. Good day, Mr Angleberger.

    There’s no need to translate this interview by Google Translator because here


    it is in English.

    Thanks again for visiting Bastion 🙂

    Alexander (Urthona)

  3. “interesting… may czytne;)” measn “interesting.. maybe I’ll read”.
    Good luck with your next books.

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