Jason Shiga Interview!

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Jason Shiga, author of Meanwhile.

Part 1 is over on OrigamiYoda.com.

Q: The main character, Jimmy, looks supercool. Is that a self-portrait?
People have told me that I look more and more like Jimmy as the years go by.  I have a theory that when cartoonists draw their standard character, they unconsciously draw themselves. My theory was confirmed the day I met Charles Schultz and discovered he had a giant round head with a single hair growing from it. Just kidding.

Q: It is so hard to get a book published. Was it even harder to get a totally new kind of book published, especially one that requires tabs? Can you give us an outline of your path to publication?
I started by self publishing Meanwhile at my local copy store and cutting all the tabs by hand. This was in the late 90’s. It took me 20 minutes to construct each copy of the book. Every year I’d make a few hundred copies this way.

I’d sell some to local book and comic stores, some to readers at comic book conventions and of course I’d always submit copies to publishers. The tabs presented such a hairy production challenge, it took ten years before a publisher expressed interest in the book.

Lightning round:
What were you reading when you were 10 or so?

Choose your Own Adventure Books

What are you reading now?
Nolo Press Guide to Probabting an Estate

Scarry or Seuss?

Favorite Wyeth — NC, Andrew or Jamie?

Favorite single comic book issue?
The issue of Akira when Tokyo blows [spoiler] up


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