Homer P. Figg scores a big one for the genre!

Sam writes:

Yeeha! Homer P. Figg grabbed himself a Newbery Honor medal! That’s awesome. Congratulations to author Rodman Philbrick!

I’m not ignoring the Newbery winner (When You Reach Me), but having Homer P. Figg win an honor is great because Figg and Stonewall are in the same, narrow, very odd genre — “funny” Civil War books.

We all know that the Civil War is serious business. No war is funny, especially not this one.
But that doesn’t mean that a Civil War book must be humorless.  Homer P. Figg and his Newbery Honor medal are proof that it can be done!


2 Responses

  1. One of the English teachers at my high school gave a yearly lecture trying to convince people that THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE is a funny book.

    But it’s still no “Private History of a Campaign That Failed.”

  2. yeeha indeed. haven’t read it yet, though I’m supposed to read as many as possible before my next book group meeting. though i guess now it won’t be at the library anymore…

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