Letters from/to fans

Sam says:

I just got a great note from my most loyal fan, Ally.

She asked about the Qwikpick sequel and I had to tell her that, although I have written it, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get published right away.

This is what she wrote back:


Thanks, Ally! That might not be enough to get it printed, but it does make me feel better.


Tom says:

Have you seen the amazingly supportive letter animator John K. sent a fan:


Two things of special interest to me:

1) He sent the kid a copy of Preston Blair’s Animation book. Cece is a big fan of this book and uses it for reference a lot. (If I’m not mistaken, Preston was Mary Blair’s brother-in-law.)


2) It reminded me of the letter I got from comic book crackerjack Evan Dorkin. http://evandorkin.livejournal.com/

That was back when I was trying so hard to become a comic book artist/author/anything. Dorkin very indirectly pointed out that my ideas weren’t as hot as I thought and my drawing wasn’t either.

The letter could have been interpreted as “you really need to buckle down and work” and maybe that’s what Dorkin meant. But what it really did was get me to give up on that dream — mostly. And that was a good thing, because I never would have gotten published in the comic book realm. Mid-grade fiction is where I belong, I just didn’t know it then.


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