Sci-Fi Story Complete!

I just sent my co-author Paul this message:

I just finished! Thank you for giving me the honor of closing it up! Still, I think I raced through it a little bit and the denoument (sp?) needs to be calmed down a little bit. But that’s what the big revision/overhaul is for.

Yep, our big dream has been realized. A mid-grade sci-fi thriller combining Paul’s sci-fi abilities and my middle school mentality. The result is something that I don’t think either of us could have come up with on our own.

Of course the revisions are going to be monsters. We traded chapters back and forth by email and the whole thing is a giant mess right now. But it’s a grand and glorious mess!


One Response

  1. That is great news! Let the revisions begin! (Mary and I are still edging toward the end of our joint piece, too. Revisions are going to be something else!)


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