What I am/am not reading now

Just gave up on Headlong Hall for perhaps the third time. Just can’t get through it. It’s hard enough to follow outdated intellectual arguments, but to have to decode them from Irish dialect is just too much.

Switch to “Shirley” by one of the Brontes. The talent of the writer is obvious very quickly, but the appeal of the story not so much. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, my audio book of the moment is Phillip Pullman’s “Tiger in the Well.” Man, is it good stuff. It’s interesting to read it so soon after finishing “The Woman in White,” because there are marked similarities. But where Wilkie Collins never really managed to make you get the least bit excited, Pullman has me pulling my hair out and begging the heroine to slap her idiotic lawyer HARD.

I’ve also just become a Arsene Lupin fan and will have a post up about the story colleciton I read on GeekDad very soon. In summary: The anti-Sherlockian anti-hero Lupin is perfect for A. C. Doyle fans.

Did I mention that I recently finished volume 1 of Castle Waiting, a very groovy graphic novel. Individually the stories were great, but haven’t added up to much yet. But I’m eager to read volume 2. And the art, by the way is spot-on.

In non-book news, I finally got this 4X4 Rubik’s Cube solved today!


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  1. Castle Waiting… definate thumbs up on that. Have read and enjoyed and would recommend the entire series to anyone.

    However… if you’re hoping that any adding up will occur in future volumes you might want to brace yourself for disappointment. The parts are better than the sum with this one.

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