The Left-Hand of Snailness and other news

My good friend and one-time employer Takahiro Asami got quite a write-up in the New York Times. Hiro studies snails and specializes in snail-handedness. That is: does the shell turn to the right or the left?

It’s all more important than you might guess — especially to hungry snail-eating snakes. The NYT article does a great job of explaining how all this would have also been very interesting to Darwin.

You can read it here:

By the way, Hiro is also an incredibly precise paper folder and he’ll appear in the acknowledgements of Origami Yoda. (I guess that’s somewhat less of an honor than having the NYT go nuts for your research.)


In other news:

Progress on folding 1,000 Origami Yoda: 400 and counting.


Time in car over T-giving “vacation”: circa 27 (Yes, some of that time was spent folding Yodas.)


Saw the new Golden Book of Disney’s Princess and the Frog in a store today: Totally MaryBlairTastic!

Via cartoonbrew, here’s pics at the site of illustrator Lorelay Bove:


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