News from Lake Edna … and your neck of the woods!

The flurry of emails twixt here and New York has died down, so it appears that The Strange Case of Origami Yoda is complete at last.

It’s interesting how there’s no final gong, buzzer or even any way of knowing when it’s all done. One day they need you to draw a picture of Thomas Jefferson and the next day they don’t.


We can’t find any peppermint bark this year! Why is it that the bst things in the world are never properly appreciated. By all that’s right, peppermint bark should be available on every street corner.


I’ve got a new diabolo video online. It’s called Southern Fried Diaboo 2: Deep Fried Oreos.


By the way, I switched to a new browser and everything about is wonderful — except it doesn’t let WordPress make proper links. Thus the pasted in URLs.


I just learned that Kidz Bop covered Werewolves of London. You can hear it here, but don’t:

That’s just a sample and I haven’t heard the whole thing. I’m sure Warren would have approved IF the little tykes had sung the full lyrics including: He’ll rip your lungs out, Jim.




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