Kidlit Trivia – Epistolary Edition

Who’s writing to these folks?

1) Dear Mr. Henshaw

2) Dear Shrink (Hint: It’s Sigmund Freud, but he’s dead.)

3) Dear Merle

4) Hi Daddy (Hint: Thanks for the credit card, Daddy!)

5) Dear Wolfman


4 Responses

  1. 1) Leigh

    2) A girl … ummm … I don’t remember her name. How ’bout Mary?

    3) ummm … Hank? Glen? Waylon? (In other words, I don’t know.)

    4) sigh …

    5) It sounds like Pinkwater to me, but I don’t know it. (That’s my desperate attempt for partial credit.)

  2. You got #1 right! Well done

    2) I’m pretty sure that was a boy.

    3) Merle, however, is a girl and so is the writer. You know the name of this book at least, I’m sure.

    4) One of my occasional readers wrote this book, so I’m hoping she at least gets it….

    5) That was a trick question. It’s not Pinkwater, but it someone else who can make funny from monsters.

  3. Sorry … the name Merle runs straight to Haggard in my mind.

  4. Is number 4 Emily Ebers?

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