Kidlit Trivia – Last name first, please.

Can you give the last names for these Kidlit families for 25 points each?

ex: Joe and Frank? Hardy.

1. Fudge & Peter

2. Willa Jean & Howie

3. Jack, William, Rosie, Tess (Hint: Don’t forget Cousin Daisy.)

4. Ben, Polly, Joel, Davie, Phronsie (Hint: note the number.)

5. Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, Hilary better known as The Lamb. (Note: they may not have a last name, so name the book, please.)

Bonus: I don’t think Victor in Lizard Music has a last name, either. But 50 bonus points if you can name his sister…

And 1,000 bonus points if you can name Marilla’s Lion-King-watching sister from Qwikpick!


One Response

  1. 1) Hatcher, I think

    2) Kemp

    3) Bagthorpe (though I confess that I haven’t read any of these yet!)

    4) Pepper

    5) … I know that this is “Five Children and It,” because my wife recently read the first two chapters while we were in the car. I don’t recall the last name, though.

    Bonus: Leslie, though I admit that I had to go downstairs and look it up. I don’t know if I can count that.

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