What I’m reading now: Swine flu edition

A book I’m not reading now:


The above was my randomly generated picture book debut cover.: Judy, The Pychic Panda. Part of the Cover Week Fun over at ScopeNotes: http://100scopenotes.wordpress.com/2009/11/09/create-your-debut-picture-book-cover



In the real book dept…

I raced right through “Stanford Wong” while propped up on the sofa. So many nice subtle touches in that book, but I guess I’ll comment here on the flatulence scene: it may actually out-gross Qwikpick’s poop fountain! Now that’s gross!

Then I burned through “Boots and the Seven-leaguers” by Jane Yolen. It’s about a troll teenager, a subject I have tried several times to write about — very unsuccesfully. One blurb on the jacket flap called it “tounge-in-cheek” but I don’t think so. I think it was a very sincere story in a somewhat silly setting.

I’m still listening to the Woman in White, but since I’m lying in bed rather than jogging/walking/mopping, I have a tendency to doze a bit. I’m going to have to rewind.

I’m also part-way through “Titus Groan.” I think this is my fourth reading. I’ve been intentionally not blogging about it, but I’ll probably have to write something at some point.


There’s also been plenty of TV time as I lie about:

Since we recently finished up season 2 of The Mighty Boosh and didn’t have anything else new to watch, we ended up pulling out an old favorite. The BBC’s “Our Mutual Friend.” On videotape no less.

Ever notice that you can sit through a 2-hour movie and think it’s the longest thing in the world, but a six-hour BBC production can seem too short?


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