80s-era Warren Zevon sighting in Blacksburg & other news

I was pulling on to Main Street yesterday and glanced at a car waiting to make a left turn off of Main Street. Warren Zevon, circa 1982, was driving!

like this: Life Magazine Photo, but with a little more beard.

This adds to my list of people I’ve seen driving around or near Blacksburg, including Kurt Vonnegut and the New Kids on the Block.


I’m currently going through the galleys for OY one last time as loose sheets of paper. (I think.) The next time I see it, it should be  a bound ARC. Can’t wait for that.

Although, there’s this weird thing about getting the galleys, the ARCs and even the finished book, where you open it up and think “yep, that’s it.” By that time you’ve spent so much time with it, you know it by heart — or at least feel like it.


Currently reading: Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. An interesting coincidence (or is it?) since he uses multiple narrators, just like O.Y.!

Also reading: Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time!!!


I’m still gasping over the work of Jason Shiga. Have  you tried any of his interactive online comics?


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