All and Sundry

For you Qwikpickers out there: Derek Kirk Kim, who did such spot-on portraits of my characters for the cover, has a new graphic novel out. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s reviewed on Guys Lit Wire:


An interesting sidenote. This graphic novel and Qwikpick may be the yellowest two books in the world…


Speaking of GLW, I’ve got a post up there encouraging folks to try the librivox version of Wilkie Collins’ “Woman in White,” which I’m currently listening to. This’ll be my third and a half Wilkie Collins novel — Fallen Leaves, Moonstone and No Thru Traffic (or whatever that rather limp story he wrote with Dickens was called).


I recently finished Ayala’s Angel by Anthony Trollope. Truthfully, I dozed through the end. The book really started off with great promise but went on for far too long. And the ending felt like Trollope was filling in a template. Worst of all — no politics! Apparently it was one of his last books and he couldn’t at first even get it published in England. I guess folks were tired of his formula. But man, when he had that formula cooking it was awesome! (See … The Way We Live Now.)


Another note for Qwikpickers, I bought my pumpkins from Farmer Don again this year. (Real name Dan Brann.) Yes, he really did get run out of town by development, just like in my book. Now he grows the pumpkins out of town and trucks them in to, of all places, Wal-Mart.



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