More notes from Crazyland


Hopefully, I’ve left Crazyland behind. Today I sent off the illustrations for Origami Yoda. 129 or so “doodles” in the margins as drawn by one of the characters. Man, I’ve never worked so hard on “doodles” in my life.

When you have to be sure that a doodle is going to end up looking right and being the right size, etc… it ceases to be doodling. A lot of lightbox work has been going on.

One of the biggest jobs was a big manga-style doodle. I don’t know how to draw manga, but I figure the character probably does. So I got a how-to book and learned enough to make one drawing.


It’s Square Dance Calling time again. (Oct. 24. ) This meant I had to find the long-missing Square Dance Calls Notebook which meant I had to clear my desk off. Some bloggers put up pictures of their shelves or their too-be-read pile. This is my On-My-Desk pile:




Tom: I did find time to microwave those Peeps and write up a post for Geekdad featuring the incredible Lisa Yee! I’ll have a link for that soon.



We’re getting tons of hits here from those old Wild Things posts about the name switcheroo from Moishe to Carol and so on. Sadly, I can hardly get anyone to look at that Japanese Folklore post I did about the possible inspiration of Wild Things. Oh well.



Was signing books yesterday at a school book fair where it was not at all clear to people that Michael and I were authors. Because of the set up, it really looked like we were the cashiers for the whole book fair. To make things worse there was a stack of Wimpy Kid tattoos in front of us. Somehow we still managed to sell a few books and sign a few bookmarks.


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