Origami Yoda Cover UNVEILED!

At long last, I can show you the Origami Yoda cover…


Go here to see it real big.
It  just showed up on Chad Beckerman’s blog along with some other amazing covers of Amulet Spring 2010 releases. Check out the cover for Meanwhile! Wow!
Now back to my cover. Man, I am bursting with pride over it. I just love it. I love the little chalk X-Wings and TIE fighters and the Death Star! True, I won’t be the only Chalkboard Cover book out there. Sara’s “Operation Yes” got there before me. (Maybe we’ll make it to Jacket Whys.)
By the way, Yoda is folded from a single sheet of paper. White on one side, color on the other. His light saber is added on, however. But I think the hand was part of the single sheet. I haven’t seen him in a while! I had to send him to New York to be photographed.
I think the revisions are really all done now. Folks, it was a great experience. My editor wanted stuff and I was able to do it and the book got — hopefully — more fun for kids. I was working on revisions around the time that John Hughes died. That may be why I came up with the idea of a John Hughes Movie Moment for the ending.
I may get a bound galley by November! Oh man, I can’t wait!
It’s still amazing. Me, a regular Yoda-loving kid, gowing up and getting to write a real, Lucasfilm-authorized Star Wars book. (Have I said this before? Sorry. I’ll probably be saying it again…)

6 Responses

  1. I love it! That’s terrific! Congratulations again!

  2. Chalkboard covers are obviously hotter than the cantina music on Mos Eisley. Jacket Whys, here we come—especially since—did you notice???—our titles have the same initials: OY (cue Twilight Zone music here.)

    Seriously, I love your cover—every single thing, from the TIE fighters to Yoda’s crinkly ears to the glowing light saber. Congrats!

  3. It glows! OMG, what kid doesn’t love stuff that glows? For that matter, what adult doesn’t love stuff that glows? I’m practically glowing just looking at it!

  4. This is so clearly the cover of your dreams!! If any cover could sell a book, this is IT!

  5. Thanks for the good words, folks. Now we’ll have to see if the words (and pictures) inside live up to it.

  6. I love your cover Tom! Based on the title alone, I have three “boys” in my house prepared to do battle (by lightsaber, of course) over who gets to read your book first. May have to pre-order 2 copies to prevent death(s). Congrats and best of luck with your debut!

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