Classic Query Letters part 1: Green Eggs and Ham

Dear Sir or Madam,

Do you like eggs and ham? Would you still like them if they were green?

The un-named, dog-like protagonist of my 72-page rhyming picture book sure doesn’t. But for reasons which are never revealed another dog-like character, named Sam-I-Am, thinks he should try them.

As Sam-I-Am and the somehat disturbing un-named protagonist argue, the silly situation simply gets sillier and sillier. Sam-I-Am suggests eating the green eggs and ham on a boat, a train, a car, etc… But the admittedly creepy un-named protagonist always says no — until he learns a valuable lesson about trying new things.

By the way, to help kids learn to read about 75% of the text is just repitition of the other 25%. Moms and Dads will really enjoy reading “I will not in a box” over and over, as you can well imagine.

I know it’s too early to discuss the cover, but I’m hoping the whole thing will be flourescent orange.


Mr. Seuss, M.F.A.


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