Updates from Tom and Sam…


Did I say Origami Yoda was complete? Zoinks! Another short round of  tweaks and stuff going on today in the midst of which I discovered that even I couldn’t follow the instructions on folding your own Origami Yoda. So now I’ve got to give those hand-drawn instructions a major overhaul.

Those Wonderpets sure do sing a lot don’t they?


Started a new audio book today. I’m really sorry to be leaving Bleak House. That was a great 40 hours spread out over the whole summer.

The new audio book is “Ayala’s Angel” by Anthony Trollope. Ayala doesn’t seem like a Victorian name to me, but I think he wanted the name to be a little flowery and over-romantic. It contrasts with her sister’s name, Lucy. Good so far.

Knocked back 8 episodes of 30 Rock over the weekend. There’s some pretty funny stuff in there.

I’ve finished a MS that’s between Easy Reader and Chapter Book somewhere. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to send it on to my agent or attempt to draw the pictures for it myself.


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