Dun Cow, Titus Groan, Bleak House

I’ve got a post up at GLW about The Book of the Dun Cow. An old favorite of mine.

If I remember correctly, Dun Cow was a used book store find that Cece and I both read during or circaour big cross-country VW camper van tour of the U.S. right after college.

Another bookstore find from that trip was “Gormenghast.” I had just read “Titus Groan” and was on the lookout for its sequel. I think I found it in Washington or Oregon.

I’m reading “Titus Groan” again now. But I’ve been telling myself not to blog about. Just read it without thinking about what you might say about it, I tell myself. Hard to do.

The Gormenghast Trilogy fits well with Bleak House, which as you know I’ve been listening to all summer long. For one thing, these are not just two of my favorite books, but I’m convinced that they are simply two of the very best books ever written. (Along with Middlemarch and Our Mutual Friend — and a few kidlit titles.)


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