Big Origami Yoda news!

Here’s an update from Tom:

I’ve been waiting a long time for official confirmation and I think it’s finally official. Believe it or not, “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” is going to be illustrated by … me! I am really exciting about these drawings — little portraits of the books many characters. (Some of you may remember when I asked folks to send in their old school pictures for me to use as inspiration.) A lot of pleasant drawing time was spent out on the porch getting these pictures just so.

Meanwhile, I’ve also seen the latest version of the jacket cover and it is awesome! I can’t wait to post it! And I’ve gotten a look at my catalog spread. That’s right a spread! Two pages of Origami Yoda goodness!

Everything just looks so great! Amulet is really doing a stellar job on everything!


6 Responses

  1. Hurrah for all this good news!

  2. That is incredibly cool.

  3. You are unmasking?

    Do you have any idea what that cost Peter Parker recently?

    Best to you and yours. Your secret is still safe with me.

    Um also, I read part of Qwikpick to my students and let them start their own book. The got to pick author names. One kid wanted to be known as Burger King. Another by the name Cynthia Rylant. Where do they get this stuff?

  4. A SPREAD?!? I gotta get me a copy of that catalog. Congrats!!

  5. Whoo-hoo! This is awesome! Congrats, Sam (and Tom).

  6. Thanks for the support, folks! I can’t wait to put the cover and some of the drawings here on the blog.

    Chip, thanks for reading Qwikpick to your students! I can’t ask for anything better than that!

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