I hate to say it but … I agree with Courtney Love!

Courtney’s upset with the virtual Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5: http://feeds.wired.com/~r/wired/index/~3/xOzOjm9i108/

I’m not surprised. Frankly, I’ve been finding the whole Beatles Rock Band thing a little creepy

For 99.9% of the world’s population, it’s fine. But frankly, I think it would be extremely disturbing to those people who actually knew and loved John, George or Kurt.

 Try it from Paul’s point of view, for example: Just imagine seeing your best friend, alive again, dancing around, full of life, living through moments that you shared together. Except now he’s not really alive, but controlled by Joe Smedlap and his Playstation. (No wonder Paul hasn’t played the game yet. Why would he want to?)

It’s very Monkey’s PawPaw: What if the dead could come back, but only on a TV screen and without the ability to grow or change, just go through the motion-captured motions?

As graphics — and AI — get better and better, this is only going to get worse.


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