Day successfully frittered!

Still recovering from the Big Fall, I decided to take it easy today. Almost the entire day was spent on the porch, much of it messing with my robot-box.  STUFF YOU PROBABLY AREN’T INTERESTED IN: And for once I actually made something good — a little remote controlled robot made from two different broken remote controlled toys. Getting the wheels to drive around was pretty easy; the tricky part was combining the RC innards from the busted plane it. That took one of those little  aha moments that I love so much when programming and writing.

Which reminds me, I had a very much needed AHA moment regarding the chapter book I’ve been working on. I had two out of the three stories done pretty quick. But I was totally stuck on the third story. I just kept grinding away at it until suddenly I saw the light.

I could spend the evening working on that story, but in the spirit of fritterosity, I’m planning to watch the final three episodes of THE MIGHTY BOOSH. It’s such a terrible title, yet once you’ve seen the show it seems to fit. Great show, by the way. Highly recc’d.


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