Revisions, wildlife, the smartest man I ever met

Just finished up another round of Origami Yoda revisions. So far it’s been very amicable, even though my editor and I have some different ideas. She’s had some great ideas that have made their way into the book. However, the biggest part of the revisions this time was something I had wanted to put in there myself. I hope she digs it.

I also wrote the dedication and acknowledgements. Lots of people to thank from George Lucas to certain Origami masters, including Fumiaki Kawahata who set the world on fire with his origami Yoda design a few years back.


Labor Day Weekend Wildlife highlights. I got very good looks at the following: doe and fawn, great blue heron, little green heron, osprey and … a BEAR!

Seeing a bear on the loose in the woods is crazy because you see the shape, then you realize what it is, then you realize you’d better get out of there. Then later you really wish you’d had a chance to see it a little better.


I just learned that Jack Good died in April. I had the great honor of writing about Good for the Roanoke Times a few years ago.

He was a Bletchely Park codebreaker during WWII, working with Turing, developing at least one new method of cracking Nazi Enigma codes and working on the Collosus, one of the first ever computers.

He is one of only two real people mentioned in the book, “2001.” Why? Because he came up with the idea that one day a computer would be smarter than a person and after  that the world would be changed forever.

And he did a whole lot of deep thinking on statistics and other such like. The Wikipedia article on him gets into that a bit…

As I said, it was a great honor to sit there with him and have him try to explain the Enigma-cracking system to me.


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  1. Just so you know, I’d still like to read “Llama With a Hat”, just for fun.

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