Yes, I do write now and then: Vol. 2

yeeha! Man do I feel great!

A few hours ago I was in one of those “Maybe I’ll work” modes and truthfully if we had had a good Netflix I probably wouldn’t have worked. But we didn’t and I did.

Finally took my turn on the Fairy Tale I’m writing with poet Mary Crockett Hill. Mary’s a wild one and she had set up all this crazy stuff and so had I.  It just seemed so hard to pull it together and move forward.

But once I started writing things just happened. Words flowed. It’s the famous “Rear-end in Seat” method of writing and it almost always works!

 The Prophecy was explained at last! The stage is set for the climax! AND for the first time in a long time, it’s not my turn! I don’t have to feel guilty the next time I do watch a Netflix!


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