Yes, I do write now and then…

I know I don’t blog about writing much, normally I don’t have much to say. But here’s an interesting phenomenon from the other day and I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this.

I worked on the SciFi book quite a bit and was quite dissatisfied with my progress. Yet I knew I had made progress and was no longer making more progress, so I decided to boot it back to my co-author Paul for him to have a go at.

As I composed an email to him I began making excuses for the big problem. I explained what the problem was. At this point I thought: Why not just fix the problem myself. And a few minutes later I had turned the mess into something I was pretty pleased with.

In the end I didn’t have to make so many excuses.


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  1. Well, this hasn’t happened, since I don’t have a co-author. But now I’m thinking maybe I’ll start writing emails to an imaginary co-author whenever I get stuck.

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