Excerpts from What I’m Reading Now…

My dalliance with The Fantastic Four continues as I finally read some of the John Byrne stories. In this scene The Invisible Girl, Susan Reed, is grilled by a Barbara Walters clone:

“Come now Susan. Anyone who studies the history of the Fantastic Four would quicklyrealize your primary function has been to be captured and terrorized by your foes…”

 Sue points out that she’s indulged in Clobberin’ Time occasionally, having once knocked out the Incredible Hulk. Barbara Walter’s line of questioning reminded me of J.L. Bell’s incredible “Reasons for Robin” posts. At the top of any list of Reasons for Sue: interrupting conversations between the other members to move the story forward.

Just finished The Man Who Was Thursday, which contains amongst seething prose and confusing allegories, this incredibly timely quote:

The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.

Just started Trollope’s “Dr. Wortle’s School.” Here yet again Trollope deliberately shoots himself in the foot, destroying the illusion of the novel’s “reality” — yet the reader bounces merrily along:

And now, O kind-hearted reader, I feel myself constrained, in the telling of this little story, to depart altogether from those principles of story-telling to which you probably have become accustomed, and to put the horse of my romance before the cart.

And thus Trollope goes ahead and spills the BIG SECRET nearly at the beginnng of the book.

And, a little Bleak House treat from near my latest stopping point — the office of the lawyer Mr. Vholes:

…the dull cracked windows in their heavy frames have but one piece of character in them, which is a determination to be always dirty and always shut unless coerced.  This accounts for the phenomenon of the weaker of the two usually having a bundle of firewood thrust between its jaws in hot weather.


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