Working Vacation = no work done / What I’m Reading Now

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been gone awhile. Cece and I took what we swore was going to be a working vacation. I saw her write down a couple of sentences. I spent a good bit of time thinking about my SciFi story. But what of the hours of evening author-time we promised? None at all…. but it was a great vacation.

Comic books and vacations go together so very nice! I read the first 6 issues of the Fantastic Four. (Reprints of course.) Great stuff and some incredible work by Kirby, but one thing that has to stand out is just how dishonest the covers were. You know the iconic first FF cover, right? here it is:

Fantastic Four 1 - Jack Kirby, Jim Lee

Never happened. At least not as promised. But the domestic scene of Submariner and Doom hanging out in Sub’s undersea bachelor pad makes up for everything. (can’t find it online.)

Also read some British Beano-type stuff, including Desperate Dan — as made famous by The Kinks in The Village Green Preservation Society.

I’m also reading “The Man Who Was Thursday” by Chesterton. It’s an amazing work somewhere between, say, Conan Doyle (Sign of Four, perhaps) and Mervyn Peake’s unsettling “Titus Alone.” I think I can see where it’s headed and if so, it will end up being very Stanislaw Lem “Memoirs in a Bathtub.” (note: the book was written before Titus Alone and Memoirs.)

And, yes, I’m still listening to Bleak House. I’d be glad to never finish. It’s so great to spend an hour in Chancery.


4 Responses

  1. One thing to love about fans of superhero comics is that even after more than seventy years of misleading covers, many still get upset when DC or Marvel shows them a preview cover that looks alarming.

  2. Ah, yes … those covers.

    I had, in fact, noticed you’d been gone. I was just wondering if I’d been missing your posts or something, and there you were! Voila! (If you’ll pardon my French.)

    Anyway … I haven’t read any FF in years, but I was just sorting out some of the old Avengers and Spider Man mags my brothers and I had accumulated over the years. (Ahem … and reading quite a lot of them.) Still good stuff …

  3. *laugh* Modern covers aren’t any better! I don’t know how many times I’ve read a comic and then looked back at the cover and gone “how was this supposed to relate to the story inside exactly?” Bugs me every time, but I also almost expect it now.

  4. Welcome back! Sounds like a great vacation!

    I just had a similar one … never broke out the computer, though I was sure I’d get lots of writing done. Ah, well. My reading consisted of “What I Saw and How I Lied” … great book, I definitely recommend it next time you’re in the mood for some YA. And, it has an awesome and not-at-all-misleading cover!

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