Stonewall Hinkleman on Timeslip Tuesday at Charlotte’s Library

Charlotte’s Library called Stonewall Hinkleman “an engrossing time travel adventure back to the Civil War,” featuring our book yesterday for her Timeslip Tuesday segment.

She wasn’t crazy for the bugle or the fighting and wanted more of our female character, Ashby, but otherwise seemed to like it…

Stonewall not only learns what the battle was like, but about the people who were fighting in it, and the people on the periphery, like a young slave named Jacob, whose lives were being changed by it. I read it briskly, eager to see how the story would play out.

You can read the whole review here.

Some folks have complained about that bugle — our time travel device. Maybe they never got to the very end of the book — almost the end papers — where the Instructions are printed. (Or maybe they did.) The secret of the Bugle and the other time-travel devices isn’t fully explained — but to my understanding they are neither science nor magic but some sort of Alchemist invention, studied but not created by Ben Franklin.


One Response

  1. Wasn’t crazy about the fighting …

    Ummm … that would, sort of, be the theme, wouldn’t it?

    Anyway … as for the bugle, I like it! It’s a great device, and leaves us room to explore the nature of the Tempests in future books.

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