While I was out…

Man, I go out of town for a few days and all sorts of wild stuff happens and I’m too far from my computer to blog about it.

Numero Uno: the Admiral Ackbar of book covers, Chad Beckerman has worked his magic on the Orgiami Yoda cover. I don’t guess I’m allowed to post it yet, but I can’t wait for you to see it. 

Remember the seen in ROTJ when Lando and Niem-Numb come blasting out of the exploding Death Star in the Mil.Falcon? And Nien-Nunb is so excited and overjoyed that he’s doing that crazy jibber-jabber laugh? That’s how I feel about the cover! 

You can however get a little peek of it here!!!! http://cwdesigner.blogspot.com/2009/07/scenes-from-my-bulletin-board-1.html Squint at upper left corner….

Next, Cece’s Itty Bitty scored the front page slot on Booklist Online yesterday as the Review of the Day. Sadly, it’s gone now. But it was crane style kung-fu all day yesterday!

A million years ag, before Facebook, I signed up for that Classmates.com thing. Amazingly, iy’s still in business and still sending me emails. It just alerted me that Jenny Riddleburger* has just signed up and invites me to say “hi” to her. “Hi, Jenny, I hope you don’t mind me stealing your last name…”

*First name changed to protect what’s left of Jenny’s privacy.

When I was headed home today, I ran low on gas just as I hit the 132 exit of I-81 … home of the real-life Qwikpick! So I picked the Qwikpick and it was qwik! Made me a little nostalgic…

According to PubMar –via Linda Acorn —  Pinkwater just sold described as “an oddball borscht-belt saga of Jewish elves roaming the Catskills.” WORD UP!


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  1. Wow! WOW! I love it!!

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