Big Itty Bitty News! and smaller Sam news

The big news here is that Cece’s book “Itty Bitty” is going to get a star from ALA Booklist! This is the first starred review that either of us has gotten! So it’s a reason to celebrate around here.

In case you’re wondering how things went at the International Jugglers Association festival for me… I placed third in the diabolo competition. No, I’m afraid that doesn’t mean I’m the third best in the world. In fact, I wasn’t even the third best in the competition.

The competition were beautiful people who did beautiful tricks in a beautiful way — at dazzling speed. And then I had to climb up there in my baggy shorts and t-shirt and do my clunky act. But I was doing something completely different than the others and miraculously I didn’t drop at all. So I snuck in there.

Even better, I did what I set out to do. To spring my version of diabolo on the juggling community and show them that it’s more than a gimmick.

Now it’s time to focus on a) our Bull Run visit this week and b) my Origami Yoda revisions which are due Aug. 6.


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