News: Book, Loom, Itty Bitty, Mining

Well, as soon as I finish this post I’ll be starting the Origami Yoda revisions. Whew, my editor has thrown me a couple of challenges. Maybe more than a couple. I may need a Dr. K to make it through the night. (That link is to an awesome site dedicated to faux Dr. Pepper produts, by the way.)

I missed Jacquard’s birthday, but Wired didn’t:

Jacquard is the man who turned the loom into a robot — yes, I’m going to call it that — by using punchcards as ROM memory to send instructions to individual threads. And he did it all without K’Nex:


You can see Cece’s  “Itty Bitty” in the brilliant Jon & Kate + Fuse #8 gag photo:


Just got back from a day at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine. Unfortunately, what I really needed to visit for the book I’m working on is a salt mine. (Yes, they had salt mines in West Virginia. Maybe they still do for all I know. Like I said I was at the wrong kind of mine!) But everybody should try Beckley — or any other public coal mine — sometime to get an idea of the hellish conditions of coal mining. (Hellish, but not quite as Satanic as mountaintop removal mining.)


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