Little House, really little boat

I’ve got a post up at Geekdad about “Little House on the Prairie” called “Pa Ingalls: Pioneer Geekdad.” lhp1

 The upshot being that LHOP is not just for girls and that’s it’s full of good building/making/DIYing stuff for all young geeks:

In that department, I just finished a marathon building session that resulted in two adirondack chairs and a BOAT! It’s a small boat, but it’s mine and I’ve always wanted my own boat. It’s based on the ShortyPen’s PlankRat and if you can believe it is even smaller than the one pictured here:


One Response

  1. I still firmly believe that in the event of being stranded on an island (or, perhaps, if I survive the zombie apocalypse) all I will need to survive is a set of the LHOTP books. It has it all — killing the pig, making headchase, making a door, smoking meat, etc etc.

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