This, that, but not the other

I have a post up on GuysLitWire about the book “Pufnstuf & Other Stuff” about the Krofft brothers of “Land of the Lost” fame. (That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as you know. But until I read this book I had only a limited understanding of the Krofft empire.)

I’ve heard little about the second “Land of the Lost” series during the recent movie buzz. This came on in the early 90s and had a great theme song. it went a little like this (from memory):

Our vacation began, mapping out a plan. But the map never showed danger down the road. The van began ashakin’, the ground began a quakin’. Hold on tight, it’s the ride of our lives… etc…

The song also included one of the all-time great rhymes: “Some tyrannosaurus, might be hungry for us.”

When I get my band together, we’re going to do covers of that one and the Cro theme song.

“Phil fell into a glacier! It was like a big deep freeze! But he was brought back to life to his surprise in the 20th centureeeeeeeee!”

Remember the good ol’ days, before Youtube when pointless nonsense like the above post really meant something?


2 Responses

  1. Forget YouTube … I’m sitting here singing those lyrics and trying to make them fit into a tune, anyway …

    I guess that makes me either old or imaginative …

    … however one decides to spin it, right?

  2. OMG! I remember THAT “Land Of The Lost” and the show “Crow” too! I grew up watching those! They really should put them back on, they were two of the best T.V. shows ever.

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