Another loser?

As you may know, I’ve been in mourning ever since failing to win the Pretzel Roller Coaster contest. Sighhh….

But, hope springing eternally, I’m entering a Lego Robot contest by writing a 50-100 word thingie about Lego Robots. Here it is:

Scene: Valhalla

Odin: Man, soldering is a pain!

Thor: Even though you can do it with your fingers?

Odin: Yeah. I mean, I’m just trying to make this robot bump and go and every other bump knocks a wire loose.

Thor: Tell me about it. I’ve been screwing around with this ding dang stepper motor all day and it won’t step!


Suddenly a small robot zooms through the Great Hall of the Gods, avoiding obstacles and solving a Rubik’s Cube as it goes.


Odin: What was that?

Thor: Loki’s new NXT 2.0 Lego Robot!



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