News you can lose

Here are a few updates from Angleberger/Riddleburger/Bell land:


Saturday we’re off to the Galax Book Festival. Maddeningly there’s a bluegrass festival in town the same day, but because of this and that we’ve got to zoom back home right after the bookfest. ARGH! But we’ll be back in Galax later this summer for the Fiddler’s Convention I hope. (Only as spectators, of course.)

Cece’s launching Itty Bitty the following Saturday at Meadowbrook Library in Shawsville Virginia. Email me if you want details. It’ll be BIG in an itty bitty way!

Cece is also tomato-crazy as the Tomato Festival nears. She’s just done the Website for it. I’ll be rebuilding the catSapult here soon! (that’s a catapult that shoots tomatoes.)

I just made a bunch of Origami Yodas. (They’re so fun to make. I may start making enough so that I can give them out to kids when I do school shows and stuff. ) But guess who I was sending them, too? OMG, it’s

One month until the International Jugglers Assoc. festival. I’m planning to compete in the diabolo competition for the first time ever, but can’t seem to find time to practice. Oddly, I seem to get better when there are gaps in my practices.

I had a great meeting of the minds with Steve from Plastic Pumpkins. The guy’s brain is like a …. plastic pumpkin. You keep reaching in and pulling out great stuff and the occasional gummy eye-ball.


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