Book Tour Accomplished!

We just got back from our mini-book tour to the Eastern regions of the state: Gloucester, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

The highlight of the trip for me — in fact a career highlight — happened at the Virginia Beach school. These kids had already read the book several months ago and claimed to have liked it. The teacher, who is a friend of Hemphills, had read them the ARC.

After we did our show, the teacher announced that every kid was going to get a copy of the book. They cheered! Then she said that we would sign the books. They cheered again! It was great. As I’ve said before, there are so many rough spots and doldrums in this business, you really have to hold on to those great, shining moments like that!

Michael and I sign books for these great fifth-graders...

Michael and I sign books for these great Virginia Beach fifth-graders...

Also great was when the kids took their books and immediately started reading them. I couldn’t believe that, but it happened…


Believe it or not, one other unbelievable thing happened at that school. One of the kids told me he had gotten Qwikpick from a library and loved it. I mean, we all know that Qwikpick wasn’t a million-seller, so the chances of running into a kid that read it and dug it seem pretty small. I couldn’t resist giving him a signed copy.

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