Turn of the Screw, Sense & S. mini-series, Middlemarch redux

I’ve got a little post on Turn of the Screw over at guyslitwire.com. I compared it to The Sixth Sense … IF the movie had ended before the big secret drops. Actually, that might have made The Sixth Sense a terrible movie and maybe it makes Turn of the Screw a terrible book.

I think Picnic at Hanging Rock is a example of doing perfectly. The story is well told. The secret is kept. But there are enough clues there to piece it together.

Watched Andrew Davies’ Sense and S.bility last night. it was very, very good … but not up there with some of his other work. I think he was actually a little hurried, trying to squeeze it into 3 hours. I’m always ready to give Davies 6 if he wants it. This movie could have used another hour, I think. no other changes needed — just a little more time between the carriage rides that alert us to a change of location.

The performances and casting were mostly great. Elinor was wonderful — with Henry the portly young heir stealing every scene he as in.


That has me thinking about Andrew Davies next project: Middlemarch.

As always, pairing one of the greatest screenwriters with one of the greatest books is exciting … but Middlemarch was already done PERFECTLY. But maybe it can be done differently and yet still perfectly. We shall see…


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