Friends of Emily giving me headache

The Emily apologists and their facile arguments are driving me crazy!

Examples ?

*People do stuff like this all the time. Best yet: “no one’s suing shakespear because he did a good job of stealing someone elses idea. the creators of emily the strange did too.”

*Similar: “EVERYTHING that is created has inspiration from SOMETHING.” Isn’t that a punch line to a joke about a Zen buddhist and a hot dog vendor?

*It’s consistent with the kind of stuff you do if you’re a DIY-er making stickers to put on your skateboard.

*You can’t copyright such and such.


Here’s a link for anyone who is still undecided:


One Response

  1. Bah. I shelved the Nate the Great books but never read them, and I can see the similiarities quite plainly.

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