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It looks like we will indeed be at BULL RUN this summer for the anniversary of the battle. Stay tuned for details about where we’ll be reading, performing, holding bugle-blowing contests and maybe something substantially bigger!

Just finished watching Little Dorritt. Amazing. Andrew Davies has done it again, this time with one of Dickens’ great unsung novels. (The others being Dombey & Son and Barnaby Rudge, I suppose. But Little Dorritt is a favorite.)

In other Dickens news, I am begun listening to Bleak House from LibriVox as read by Cynthia Lyons. Ms. Lyons has performed and incredible feat by volunteering to read this entire book — 43 hours! She reads the story without much in the way of affectation or over-the-top voices, which is good because those would get really annoying. Instead simply reads with her pleasing NPR-ish voice and lets Dickens be Dickens. (I trust I need say no more about the quality of the novel, possibly the greatest ever put to paper?)

Re-watched the Wonderworks version of Hoboken Chicken Emergency today. Alas, it’s not quite right, but boy does Gabe Kaplan shine as Tony the chicken catcher.


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  1. Yay! I am clearing my late-July calendar as we speak.

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