Worst review ever (of one of my reviews)

Everybody’s talking about Worst Review Ever and I want to get in on it (though I havent been invited).

No review of any of my books has come close to this response I got to a column I wrote about shopping in Radford. Please note that  I wrote a pretty positive review of the downtown experience. Here’s an excerpt or two from the response I received:

Did you know we now have
another parking lot right in the heart of Main St.  No you wouldn’t you
didn’t walk down the street.  I am very ashamed to tell people whom read
your article “That reporter was too lazy to walk up and down Main St…

…Your article was pitiful and small minded
and I can’t believe they paid you to write that article with no information
to go by.


One Response

  1. Well, what did you expect? You failed to mention a whole ‘nother parking lot?!? Right in the heart of Main Street?!? Sheesh.

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