Back on the bubble again & other news!

Ah, yes, back on the bubble — waiting to hear about a MS. It’s a near perpetual state, but I had a nice break from it recently. I was actually on the bubble but didn’t quite realize it. But it’s quite official now. My chapter book is out in the wilds again. Good luck, little chapter book, and may the force be with you.


We have a winner! Eric Carpenter won the Blog tour prize package. What a lucky fellow! It’s difficult to send off all those great arcs without pawing through them, but so it goes.


Watching Little Dorrit. As you may know, I’ve called this the great unknown Dickens novel. Not even under-rated, just ignored. Yet it’s 20 times better than Oliver Twist. Nay 1,000 better!

This BBC treatment by Andrew Davies is magnificent. So many great performances and shots that are straight out of the pictures I got in my head while reading. Amazing.
Those that said Andy Serkis should have won an Oscar for playing Gollum can now point to his real un-CGI presence on the screen and say “See? We told you he was great!”

And those that think Eddie Marsan should have got an Oscar for Happy Go Lucky (he was the driving instructor) can point to his incredible performance of Pancks and say “See? We told you he was great!”

Looks like Where the Wild Things Are takes top prize over at the Fuse 100. Who can argue? I guess I should since I picked “Giant Jam Sandwich” as my #1. But I knew that was a futile gesture.
Mostly I’m just sorry there weren’t more Provensen books on the list.


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