Blog Tour Wind-Down…

That was a great blog tour! Since I handpicked/begged the bloggers who hosted the tour, I knew it was going to be fun and positive, but I had no idea what they would be doing. And the surprises were great!

I just had to steal this photo from Just Like A Nut, who took the word “tour” seriously and actually took the book to the Bull Run Battlefield!

I am so grateful to these folks! No wonder we thanked Kidlit Bloggers in our acknowledgements!


On Friday, we were at Saints and Spinners. Not only does she blogs, but she also makes. Click here to check out her cool dolls on Etsy!


We also thanked Cool Librarians and I need to thank them again. We had our world premiere at Meadowbrook library recently and the MFRL Librarians went all out for us! Then we hit Floyd’s library and this Thursday we’ll be at Crickenburg! (Christiansburg, for you non-Qwikpickers.) And soon after that, Blacksburg.

And this Friday we’re doing an ALL-Librarian show for 60 librarians at the MFRL staff meeting!


And we thanked Friendly Booksellers and … yes, I’m about to thank them again. Especially Lolly at Ram’s Head Books in Roanoke, Va. She hosted our first store signing on Saturday.


Speaking of Qwikpick, our buddies at KIVA — Kids In The Valley Adventuring — have given us a little shout-out in their list of “Books to Read Under a Tall Tree.”

Also on the list: Lois Ehlert’s “Leaf Man” and, of course, Louv’s “Last Child In The Woods.”

KIVA’s goal is to get kids outside, having fun, doing good and living the unplugged life for a little bit! Very Qwikpickian!


2 Responses

  1. An all librarian show … wow! That should be really cool. Good luck with it!

    Glad you like the photo. I was particularly pleased with that one.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my doll shop! And that blog tour was fun. Once I realized what I wanted to do, it all fell into place–because Stonewall Hinkelman did most of the work! O clever me.

    Seriously, thanks. I was glad to feature your book.

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