Whatever happened to the Kung Fu talk?

I’m feeling a little nostalgic for the days when my blog was peppered with Kung Fu talk.

For instance, I just looked up an old post and saw that I had called Margaret Bloy Graham the master of the no-shadow punch. I think it’s an apt description. MBG was loose but tight like Jackie Chan in Drunken Master 1.

I guess part of it was because of Marilla, who liked to call things “totally kung fu.” I miss Marilla. Stonewall’s a little too jaded to call something “kung fu.”

So, in the Qwikpick spirit, let me note that the Nevada Young Readers’ Award should be announced soon. As you may recall Qwikpick is a finalist, but so is The Big Gorilla known as Diary of a Wimpy Kid(2?). They don’t much less wimpy than Wimpy, especially when kids are voting on the winners. In reality, Kinney can go ahead and book his flight to Vegas to pick up the award. But in Kung-Fu-World…

Jeff Kinney better start sleeping with one inscrutable eye wide open cause it’s going to be a serious case of chop-socky kidlit coming his way!


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