A-Team cranks out the bookmarks

Today was bookmark cutting day. I just got back from the printers with a stack of gorgeous purple Stonewall bookmarks that say: “I went back in time, re-fought the Civil War, saved the world and all I got was this really lousy bookmark!”

Pumped up by an Encouraging Phone Call that offered Exciting Possibilites about Stonewall AND Qwikpick, I went at the paper cutter with vigor. It was like an A-team music montage without the a-team, the music or the montage!

400 bookmarks cut out! Only about 5 ruined by me/the-off-kilter-papercutter.

So now, I’m just about ready for the big World Premiere Book Launch Party on Saturday!


2 Responses

  1. I’m trying to picture B.A. bringing over reams of card stock while Murdock and Face Man furiously chop away …

    Hannibal, of course, is chomping on a cigar.

  2. Don’t forget Amy!

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