Unnecessary Sequels

Farida and Minh have finished up their Unnecessary Sequels Contest over at Saints and Spinners and BottomShelf Books.

If you follow that second link you’ll see the great faux covers Minh did for the winning books. Her cover for the winner is really worth checking out. As is her take on “The Taking Tree.” I hope she gets a prize, too!

Alas, neither of my entries are among the winners. In fact, I forgot what my first entry was, but I was quite pleased with my second entry:

Phantom Tollbooth II: EZ Pass

“Mostly about gerunds.”

Which reminds me of something I’m REALLY unduly proud of. An unnecessary movie sequel, which doesn’t even have synopsis:

E.T. II : The Harvest


2 Responses

  1. I was pleased with both of your entries! What Do People Do All Evening? is the first entry in the roundup today.

  2. thanks for the shout-out, sam! and i definitely have something for “What Do People Do All Evening” in the works…

    quick note though: I’m a dude!

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