The Funniest Dystopia Ever!!!

I just finished my GLW post on M.T. Anderson’s FEED. I may have gushed a little….

While working on it, I couldn’t remember how to spell “futurological” as in Stanislaw Lem’s incredible, staggering, disturbing “Futurological Congress.”

I googled it and found that someone had called it “hilarious.”

I usually don’t think of it as one of Lem’s comedies, but I suppose it is a dark comedy of sorts. The image of people running down the street because they think they are driving cars was funny, but in a dark, sickening way since we know they are doomed to this life of illusion — eating moldy goo and thinking it’s filet mignon.
Reminds me of certain movies Cece and I would rent because the box would say “Hysterical Comedy;” then two hours later we’re practically suicidal because the movie was a non-stop depression express, with maybe a side character who makes a couple “funny” remarks about the meaninglessness of life.

Stonewall certainly has a lot of dark humor in it, but instead of “hilarious” I’d really prefer “life-changing” or “a new era of literature” or “best-selling.”
Perhaps other people really do find dark humor hilarious. I guess I get bowled over by the dark.

My weakness is anger humor. Somehow I can’t stop laughing when someone is uncontrollably angry. That’s why Pepe the King Prawn is one of my favorite muppets. Also the Blue Customer at Grover’s restaurant.

Wow, from Feed to Sesame Street. I need to lie down.


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