Disney/Miyazaki, Esthero/Ramona, Tripods and me on the radio

“People, meet people.”

That’s Walt Disney introducing a Mexican singing group, Trio con Ella, on an old episode of Walt Disney Presents (or whatever it was called that year). While Disney movies feature various outrageous stereotypes, Walt himself seemed to understand that people were people.

And in this episode he takes such delight in intriducing us to each other. (Then the singers sing Supercalifragilistic… in Spanish and then tell the story of El Blanco, the horse who was a rain god, in English. It’s wonderful hour.)


Michael and I will be doing a public radio interview about Stonewall this week, hopefully. The show is called Studio Virginia.

I did a Qwikpick-related interview on the show two year ago, but I may have actually scared away more readers than I attracted, what with all the poop. Hopefully, a Civil War Time Travel Extravaganza will be more to their taste.


There’s an Esthero song called “Willed Lil’ Grrrls” in which Esthero claims herself to be “the Baddest %itch…” Could this be inspired by Ramona’s halloween costume: “The Baddest Witch?”


New Hayao Miyazaki movie coming out soon: Ponyo.

The question will be … see it in the theater with the stunt-casting voice dubs or wait for the DVD and watch it in Japanese with subtitles. Maybe both!


In other movie news from EW’s summer movie preview: where are the kidlit movies? There’s Harry Potter and…. what else? Am I missing all the kidlit movies?


Speaking of which, I learned via SciFiWire and MovieInsider that the John Christopher Tripod books are supposed to be three movies! And that the man behind it all is Alex Proyas, who was also resposible for “Dark City.” That is extremely promising!


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