News vaguely related to all four books…

Stonewall: As you may know from looking at Tuesday Mourning’s incredible cover for Stonewall Hinkleman & The Battle of Bull Run — a fast-paced mid-grade time travel Civil War extravaganza available at fine retailers everywhere …

when Stonewall goes back in time he’s wearing a “Are We Having Fun Yet” T-shirt under his re-enactor’s jacket. Well, for the sequel he’ll need to upgrade to one of these: a time-travel cheat sheet t-shirt. It’s loaded with all that sort of modern information which we modern people know and which would come in really useful in the past if we actually knew it.


Origami Yoda: This is only tangentially related to Origami Yoda, but I got an interesting comment to an old post recently regarding Han Solo’s Kessel Run boast. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you may as well skip on down.) As you know, Solo says the Falcon did the run in < 12 parsecs … parsecs is a unit of distance not time. So it would be like saying you did a marathon in a 5k. How could an experienced astropilot make a mistake like that, fans have wondered for eons.

Commenter Ben Jung left this possible explanation: Han Solo wasn’t making a blunder. Kessel is by a bunch of black holes. Not having to make a detour meant he did have a fast ship.

At first, I was about to dismiss it as nonsense, then I thought about it a bit. Maybe so!

It turns out this is one of several possible explanations listed at Wookiepedia.

By the way, if you ever want to know how detailed the Star Wars backstory is just read the Millenium Falcon entry on Wookiepedia.


And in Qwikpick news….  We drove past Wild Bill’s conv. store the other day and it was in the midst of being demolished. Wild Bill’s was not the model for the Qwikpick (though it’s only a few miles away from it) but it was very Qwikpickish. So long Wild Bill’s and Wild Bill, too! Remember, in heaven there are no chain stores!


A fourth book? Could it be? Stay tuned…


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