What’s roiling in my fevered brain…

Having a sick day. Thought I’d post about a few things that are looping or otherwise festering in my head today…

 “Phantom Tollbooth.”  I loved this in the fourth grade. Today it seems a little preachy, but still an excellent ride in an electric car. I’m glad to finally have my own copy again after losing that fourth-grade on and always feeling guilty about it.

The Bird 100. Fascinating stuff. My #1 book didn’t make the cut, though. I may have been the only one to vote for The Giant Jam Sandwich. The list is ongoing here.

Leslie Uggams duet with Big Bird on the Muppet Show — “Love will Keep us Together.” Did Carol Spinney actually participate in this or did he recognize the train wreck coming and decline? Big Bird certainly doesn’t seem to move in a Spinney-like way. The Big Bird conversation with Miss Piggy in the same episode, however, is pure gold!

Dudes. I like this illustrator who is drawing a “dude a day…” http://www.atomictoy.org/365dudes/ via DudeCraft.

Moby Dick just gets worse and worse. I just finished a chapter about how “White is a Scary Color!” He backs this up with some patent nonsense, all of whch is pointelss anyhow since Moby Dick isn’t all-white! His coloration is no scarier than a cow! not that we’ve actually been SHOWN even a single whale yet. How did this mess become a classic?

My first restaurant review as a Restaurant Reviewer ran yesterday and as luck would happen, I had to cream the restaurant. One of those annoying franchises where the employees are required to holler at everyone in response to certain stimuli.


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  1. I haven’t read the Phantom Tollbooth in about 10 years, so I’m startled by the idea that I, too, might find it preachy now — but I read it at least a dozen times back in the day, and loved it deeply. This is why I still love the name Milo.

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