Feed IT Moby Dick

Started listening to Feed on audio CD. It’s an incredible peformance by the reader and others. Combined with the power of the book, it is maybe too much for me to handle. Actually hearing all that dialogue spoken aloud may simply be too painful.
My opinion of M.T. Anderson goes even higher!

Watching the IT Crowd — a British sitcom — and absolutely loving it. I’ve seen so many Britcoms that were sort of reinventing the sitcom, that’s its fun to watch one that’s just funny. So funny that it’s … reinventing the sitcom!

Moby Dick
What the heck is going on with this book?
I was actually enjoying it for awhile. Then around Chapter 20, Ishmael disappears and is replaced with a demagogical (?) narrator who insists I bow down to the nobility of whalers AND that whales are fish.
Then after page after page of TELL DON’T SHOW, we finally return to the action with a fully omniscient narrator and characters who think and speak in Shakespeak.


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