Stonewall World Premiere

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the kind words and blog mentions and boosterism for our big day today!

Hemphill and I had a great start to the Stonewall Era tonight by joining Cece for a PTA book night at Shawsville Elementary School in Shawsville, Va. We had some very enthusiastic kids!

Afterwards we signed books and actually sold books to people not related to us! Here’s the photo of us signing the book for that very first non-related reader!


Only 99,999 to go!

I decided to draw a (magic) bugle on one book as I was signing it. Not quite up to Tuesday Mourning’s standards. I had to label it to make sure they would know what it was. I’ll practice before the next signing, Tuesday!


5 Responses

  1. I am eagerly awaiting my e-mail to tell me to drive to the neighborhood bookstore to pick up my copy!

  2. Hey! I gave up the Internet for Lent (well, not email, but surfing) but decided to make an exception to stop by and say CONGRATULATIONS!

    Will be making my way to B&N to pick up a couple of copies this weekend.

    More after Easter!!

    • Thanks, Nut! We’re still hoping to have a signing on the battlefield, so we’ll hope to see you there!

  3. I ordered myself a copy, ’cause I wanted the official one, too! I love the back cover, with just the little blurb about knowing you’d traveled in time right away. Rather than trying to use a huge number of words, that concise excerpt is GREAT!

  4. Thanks, Wickle!
    The short blurb on the back was our editor’s doing. It really does look nice doesn’t it? And it explains right away that you’re holding a time travel boook.

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